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Basic Learning

Time Line: 3 months Skill Level: Beginner

Included In Course Rich Learning Content Taught by Industry Pros Self-Paced Learning One-to-One Clasees

  • USD50
  • GBP60
  • AED70

Summary this course is specially designed for kids. We have multiple teaching technique for kids to boost up their learning skills. We also offer memorizatio of whole quran

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Advance Course

Time Line: 6 months Skill Level: Advance

Included In Course Arabic Language Basic One to One Classes Taught by Ulama Memorization of Quranic Surah

  • USD80
  • GBP90
  • AED110
  • PKR5500

Summary A special course for adult who want to learn reading quran and fluency. this course include arabic transilaltion and understanding of basic arabic language.

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